Charlie and Debbie Kurland started giving this award in 2008. The award is in memory of Charlie's mom, who passed away from Leukemia when Charlie was 18 years old. Ruth was an avid reader and was particularly proud of having her library card since she was four years old. She would regularly check out five books at a time from the library and return the books within the required time and check out five more. This was a regular practice throughout Ruth's life.

Being able to reward a child for their creative writing is something Ruth would certainly be proud of. Being able to remember Ruth by having this Award is very important to Charlie and Debbie. A $1000.00 savings bond will be awarded to one child each year at the Junior Journalist annual banquet to contribute to the child's future education. The winning entry is selected by the Kurland's based upon the writer's creativity and originality. The winner receives both the savings bond and a Certificate of Achievement.